Sink Your Teeth in, Bookworms

2020 brought a lot of surprises, lovely and hideous alike. In the thrifting world, however, only pleasantries were experienced on my end. Everyone in my community was purging and minimalizing their life, and I wanted to step in as an alternative to the landfill. You may or may not know that I am an all-American picker, pilfering through things that your great-aunt threw to the curbside.

One of my favorite finds will always be books. Books have such energy in their pages. The notes in their margins, the sentiments written on the front page, and the hidden pictures-used-as-bookmarks bring me such joy (especially 50 years later!). I recently acquired tons of beautiful, loved, and well-tended astrology books. You can find all of these items listed on my Poshmark and Etsy shop, too. Please enjoy this montage of book porn!

The Art of Chart Synthesis, by Tracy Marks (Etsy Shop: Corder Collective)
A Modern Guide to Astrological Awareness, Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology

Published by Corder Collective

Kelli and her husband, Josh, run CorderCollective, an all encompassing company name that allows us to expand and grow with our many passions and talents.These soulmates married on 12 July, 2014 in San Diego. Kelli is a CSUSM Communication Graduate, happily finding a craft that balances her love for business and passion for creativity. Kelli was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January of 2005, and Celiac Disease in May of 2012, making her an advocate for seeking health, despite her setbacks. Josh is an Army Veteran who has recently graduated from a Sustainable Agriculture Program that has launched his future in farming and environmental study. We are San Diego native Etsy vendors with a strong passion for the outdoors, minimalism, self-efficiency, and an adamant perspective on 'do it yourself' DIY style. Follow our lifestyle adventures as we dally with personal, business, beanies, trailer remodels, lifestyle, travel, and everything in-between. This is our blog!

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