Learning to Podcast

If I had to pick two words that were obliterated and overused in 2020, they would be pivot and unprecedented times. They do, however, speak great truth, and led me to try those things on my bucket list that I have never tried before. I started small, learning how to press and fry tofu with crunch. I joined the world in merriment and Marie Kondo’d my drawers’ necessities. I took a bath in my bathtub for the first time ever, and in turn, cleaned by bathtub for the first time ever in the 2.5+ years we have been renting our house. All the while, my best friend Adrianna and I commiserated with one another over the beforementioned unprecedented times.

For years, Adrianna and I have planned, plotted and schemed to start a podcast. Whether we would be good at it or not, we had no idea, but we did know that we have met weekly, religiously, for over 10 years of our friendship. Like a sacred ritual, we gather with creature comforts, stories, laughs, cries, and cannabis. After a few hours of joined BFF bliss, we would go home feeling high on life. This feeling is the biggest driving force for our podcast: we wanted to share this magic with the world. If you feel the safe, kinetic lifeforce of a spiritual partner, take this as a sign! You gotta go for it, dude.

Right before the pandemic hit, we decided to go for it, and had our logo made, ordered our microphones, and picked a distributor for our podcast. What were we going to talk about? We weren’t sure, but we knew that we had the work ethic, drive and curiosity to post weekly. Incredibly inspired by some of our favorite podcasters, Whitney Cummings, A Beautiful Mess Podcast and Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness, we knew we had a starting point. A little nervous about the social stigma of cannabis use, we decided that our role in society is important and matters. If we stand proudly in our normalization, a positive ripple effect can flow through our community.

As soon as lockdown became serious, the USPS experienced a serious meltdown, and our microphones were put on backorder until October, setting us back 4 months! We were devastated, but did not take it as a sign to quit, or even wait. Rather, we pushed through the challenges that producing a podcast takes (as well as demanding a refund, Guitar Center) and recorded our first episode that week. I am so glad we had the tenacity to start the pod, despite tons of obstacles at the very beginning, because it truly prepared us for the grit it takes to podcast. We shamelessly joined the world in becoming pandemic podcasters.

Being courageous, making mistakes, and working on a deadline are some of our strong suits. Now, with over 59 episodes, we are distributing content on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcast. Our podcast is called Karma San Diego, where we talk about local food, businesses, stories, lifestyle, and all the while normalizing Women in Cannabis. Yes! It has been such a creative outlet for the both of us, as Adrianna fully produces our audio episodes, and I run our marketing and website content. Having something weekly to look forward to creating, and then listening to over a cup of coffee every Saturday morning, has brought us such peace. I am so proud of us! You can click below to stream one of my favorite episodes we have recorded on being left-handed:

Our main course this episode is discussing all things left-handed! Both Kelli, and Adrianna’s v. Italian father, are left-handed, and we have a lot to say about it. While being lefty has some advantages (like typing on a keyboard and being a baseball legend) it also leaves a few smudges. Sit back, relax, and grab your creature comforts!

I have to admit that we experienced words of discouragement, and that this tipped us off to keep going. One of the limiting beliefs being pressed on us was that you need a special microphone to record a podcast, and that could be further from the truth. While we are actively striving for a bossy mic, we are also streaming excellent audio quality with our iPhones. Another limiting belief was that we needed to plan out what to say like an itinerary. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t bring a written list of things to talk about when I go to happy hour with my friends. Our advice? Keep it natural. Allow space to just be yourselves and schmooze, because that where kinetic chemistry is cultivated. Bullet points, post-its, and general themes have been our best guiding lights.

Looking ahead, get ready for more posts on my experience with various podcast distributors, some tips and tricks for starting a podcast, and new podcast channels! I dream of running a meditation podcast, and soon. Thanks for supporting us! You can find our podcast on IG: @karmasdpodcast

Published by Corder Collective

Kelli and her husband, Josh, run CorderCollective, an all encompassing company name that allows us to expand and grow with our many passions and talents.These soulmates married on 12 July, 2014 in San Diego. Kelli is a CSUSM Communication Graduate, happily finding a craft that balances her love for business and passion for creativity. Kelli was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January of 2005, and Celiac Disease in May of 2012, making her an advocate for seeking health, despite her setbacks. Josh is an Army Veteran who has recently graduated from a Sustainable Agriculture Program that has launched his future in farming and environmental study. We are San Diego native Etsy vendors with a strong passion for the outdoors, minimalism, self-efficiency, and an adamant perspective on 'do it yourself' DIY style. Follow our lifestyle adventures as we dally with personal, business, beanies, trailer remodels, lifestyle, travel, and everything in-between. This is our blog!

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