Sensational Sound Healing

The first time I experienced sound healing, I had just finished a sweaty & heated vinyasa class curated by the beautiful Marcia Valene. After teaching an intentional, simple, and genuine sequence of poses, we were lead to Savasana with sound healing. Marcia took out her crystal bowl, as large as the one I am holding in the photo above, and the feelings going through my body were indescribable. My toes were ringing, my eyes were closed with colorful visions in front of me, and I felt like I was sitting in a jacuzzi. Yum. When I took a peek at Marcia’s work, it was rhythmic and calm. Watching her swirl her hands and body in big circles, she cultivated a cauldron of sound. A constant swirl of yoga soup, I knew this was the instrument for me!

Kelli Corder, Ocotillo Wells 2019

It’s been over four years since I took this transformational yoga class, and I have invested in my own set of bowls since then. Crystal singing bowls provide an easy-playing instrument, whether you are looking to give or receive the benefits of its sound. A forgiving instrument with delicate edges, this 18″ bowl shown in my arms gives a deep, resonating sound of hOMe.

The ethics of your instrument should be considered. While you certainly can order a set of bowls on Amazon, I highly suggest you explore the following:

  1. Private Facebook Groups (San Diego Yoga Teachers, for example, always have instrument availability. I see bowls for sale, borrow, and trade often in my own community) Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and OfferUp are also great local options I personally use.
  2. Local Metaphysical Stores (find a woo woo store near you! I suggest Eye of Buddha and Amethyst Moon in San Diego)
  3. Manifestation. That’s right, I want you write down somewhere your want and desire for a Crystal Healing Bowl, or a sound healing instrument. Put it out into the ethers, and I guarantee you will yield a high reward with these vocalized intentions and goals. I’m talking, find-a-5-foot-rainstick-in-an-alley-in-Little-Italy-POWER of Manifestation!
Interested in my Sound Healing Services? Email us: CORDERCOLLECTIVE@YAHOO.COM

As a meditation and breathwork facilitator, I love incorporating a variety of sound healing tools. Tibetan and crystal bowls, Rain sticks, maracas, snake rattles, and tongue drums can be found rolling around my YOGI TOOLBOX. Are you interested in a private sound healing session? Reach out to me for pricing and availability:

Unsure of what to expect in a sound healing session? Fear not, I have a lovely offering on Youtube that you can sample on your own and see what it is all about. Check out my 2020 Spring Equinox Sound Healing below!

Published by Corder Collective

Kelli and her husband, Josh, run CorderCollective, an all encompassing company name that allows us to expand and grow with our many passions and talents.These soulmates married on 12 July, 2014 in San Diego. Kelli is a CSUSM Communication Graduate, happily finding a craft that balances her love for business and passion for creativity. Kelli was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January of 2005, and Celiac Disease in May of 2012, making her an advocate for seeking health, despite her setbacks. Josh is an Army Veteran who has recently graduated from a Sustainable Agriculture Program that has launched his future in farming and environmental study. We are San Diego native Etsy vendors with a strong passion for the outdoors, minimalism, self-efficiency, and an adamant perspective on 'do it yourself' DIY style. Follow our lifestyle adventures as we dally with personal, business, beanies, trailer remodels, lifestyle, travel, and everything in-between. This is our blog!

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