Free Library Fridays

Welcome to a fresh week of Free Library Fridays! Every Friday, I aimlessly walk or drive around San Diego with a bag of books. Ready to refill any library that needs my loving, I am always blown away by the many library displays and themes that line our colorful streets. Some of my favorites I have seen include a Cookbook-only Library, libraries with horizontal cubbies designated for magazines, and libraries suspended from low hanging branches!

On a glowing and blustery iconic SD day in February, I combed the streets of Santee and found this beauty! Fully stocked, I was able to squeeze 2 books in (What Alice Forgot and The Shack), and did not find any books that tickled my fancy. Rare! This library is well maintained, has a step for small children to peer inside, and, has a dog leash hook! This charming detail invites the reader to stay a while, and I love this immensely. Thanks for the well-curated library, bookworm friends.

Tune in next week for a weekly feature of unique, adorable Free Libraries in San Diego, CA.

a lovely library in residential Santee includes a dog leash hook, a children’s step, and a reading bench. Feb 2021

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Kelli and her husband, Josh, run CorderCollective, an all encompassing company name that allows us to expand and grow with our many passions and talents.These soulmates married on 12 July, 2014 in San Diego. Kelli is a CSUSM Communication Graduate, happily finding a craft that balances her love for business and passion for creativity. Kelli was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January of 2005, and Celiac Disease in May of 2012, making her an advocate for seeking health, despite her setbacks. Josh is an Army Veteran who has recently graduated from a Sustainable Agriculture Program that has launched his future in farming and environmental study. We are San Diego native Etsy vendors with a strong passion for the outdoors, minimalism, self-efficiency, and an adamant perspective on 'do it yourself' DIY style. Follow our lifestyle adventures as we dally with personal, business, beanies, trailer remodels, lifestyle, travel, and everything in-between. This is our blog!

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