La Mesa in the Cabeza – Free Little Library Fridays

Filling our community libraries! @karmasdpodcast June 2020

Welcome to another week of Free Library Fridays! I find great joy in restocking libraries in my local neighborhood, and so does my bestie. Meet Adrianna, who joins me in my stewardess efforts! In her community of La Mesa, San Diego, there is a ‘Kid’s Only’ library, and we are thrilled to enjoy a community walkabout and contribute some cutie-tootsie books.

Thank you to Lacee’s of @gigisglutenfree for the book donations; we had a ton of fun getting a latte at Lightbulb and walking to this library to refill! That’s the closest landmark you’ll get from me 🙂 Enjot the hunt, buttercups!

IG: @cordercollective

A link to the lovely book, Aaron’s Hair (click here!)

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Kelli Corder is a San Diego-based Yoga and Meditation Teacher. An advocate for secondhand, you can shop Kelli's closet by following Posh Ambassador @kellicorder in the Poshmark App.

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