Celebrating Posh Priestess

Today is an important day in my Posh Priestess history- my 5,000th listing!
For the month of February, I set a few attainable-but-challenging goals; 5K listings was one of them! With a heaping pile of scavenged goods overwhelming my office, I knew that listing 500 items this month would alleviate 89% of my daily clutter stress. However, it is not lost on me that I listed 10% of my total items for the past 6 years, in a mere 26 days. Between photographing, listing, selling, and shipping, I’ve had my hands full with abundance.

Determination, grit, spontaneity and cannabis guided me across the finish line, (with 3 days to spare!) which leads me setting March goals with confidence & realistic expectations of what I am capable of, which is the greatest feeling ever. Welcome to my rebrand; I am honored to have ya  drop your closet handle below ⬇️ so I can be sure to follow your Poshmark Closet! 
#poshambassador #poshmarkambassador #poshmarkseller #poshmarkcommunity #sustainablefashion #sustainablelifestyle #sustainableclothing

I decided to dedicate an instagram account to my poshings; you can follow @poshpriestess and totally geek out on:

-Posh Tips and Tricks

-Selling Ideas and Testimonies

-Manifesting Sales through Reiki and Energywork

Thanks for joining me!

Published by kmcorder11

Kelli Corder is a San Diego-based Yoga and Meditation Teacher. An advocate for secondhand, you can shop Kelli's closet by following Posh Ambassador @kellicorder in the Poshmark App.

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