Celebrating Posh Priestess

Today is an important day in my Posh Priestess history- my 5,000th listing!For the month of February, I set a few attainable-but-challenging goals; 5K listings was one of them! With a heaping pile of scavenged goods overwhelming my office, I knew that listing 500 items this month would alleviate 89% of my daily clutter stress.Continue reading “Celebrating Posh Priestess”

Sink Your Teeth in, Bookworms

2020 brought a lot of surprises, lovely and hideous alike. In the thrifting world, however, only pleasantries were experienced on my end. Everyone in my community was purging and minimalizing their life, and I wanted to step in as an alternative to the landfill. You may or may not know that I am an all-AmericanContinue reading “Sink Your Teeth in, Bookworms”