La Mesa in the Cabeza – Free Little Library Fridays

Welcome to another week of Free Library Fridays! I find great joy in restocking libraries in my local neighborhood, and so does my bestie. Meet Adrianna, who joins me in my stewardess efforts! In her community of La Mesa, San Diego, there is a ‘Kid’s Only’ library, and we are thrilled to enjoy a communityContinue reading “La Mesa in the Cabeza – Free Little Library Fridays”

Free Library Fridays

Welcome to a fresh week of Free Library Fridays! Every Friday, I aimlessly walk or drive around San Diego with a bag of books. Ready to refill any library that needs my loving, I am always blown away by the many library displays and themes that line our colorful streets. Some of my favorites IContinue reading “Free Library Fridays”

Sink Your Teeth in, Bookworms

2020 brought a lot of surprises, lovely and hideous alike. In the thrifting world, however, only pleasantries were experienced on my end. Everyone in my community was purging and minimalizing their life, and I wanted to step in as an alternative to the landfill. You may or may not know that I am an all-AmericanContinue reading “Sink Your Teeth in, Bookworms”